What is Vmail App?

Vmail App is a fun and easy way to talk to your friends, family and anyone else you need to contact. With Vmail you can send voice messages, text messages, and pictures and also share your location with anyone. Vmail is a cross-platform mobile messenger that works through the existing internet data plan of your device and is initially available for iOS and Android devices.

How is Vmail App different from other voice messaging apps?

Unlike all other communication apps, Vmail can send voice messages to anyone in your contacts list. If the contact doesn’t have Vmail installed, the user can easily send the voice message to that contact via an SMS link, or via an email attachment. The contacts tab in Vmail integrates all contacts from your address book, showing a Vmail icon next to contacts who also are on Vmail. Once your friends are on Vmail, you can begin a conversation with them and receive their replies from within the app.

Are phone calls free when using Vmail?

No, the “Call” functionality is there simply for your convenience. Mobile carrier charges apply for voice calls made from Vmail.

Are messages free when using Vmail?

All voice messages sent via Vmail are free subject to the terms of your data plan. If the recipient does not have Vmail, and you choose to send a link with your voice message attached, then the price of a standard SMS message will apply. Subject to the recipients data plan, all messages received are free to listen to.

My friend downloaded and installed Vmail but he/she doesn’t appear as a Vmail user… Why?

This issue rarely happens since our app is quite smart, but in case you do run into this problem, make sure your friend’s email or phone number is saved in your Address Book with a full international format starting with the + sign.

How can I tell whether I should send a Vmail message as Vmail, Email, or SMS?

When you want to send a voice message to a contact, simply open Vmail and record your message. At the point of sending you are presented with three buttons: 1) Vmail, 2) Email, and 3) SMS. These buttons will light up green, when you have that contacts relevant information. If you have your contacts email address and telephone number in your address book, and they are also using Vmail, then all buttons will light up green. It’s up to you to choose the best way to send your message.

Is it free to send messages to contacts in other countries?

Yes, it is free to send messages to contacts in other countries, just like it’s free to send emails to contacts in other countries.

How can I update my profile picture or my contact’s photo?

Sorry, we do not offer profile pictures at the moment. Our application uses pictures of your contacts from your phone address book.