Vmail App

For people seeking a convenient, more personal way of communicating on the go, Vmail is a smartphone app that provides free voice messaging across multiple platforms. Unlike other voice messaging apps, Vmail App allows anyone to receive your message without them having to download the app.

Vmail also provides a rich environment to have a conversation with friends and other contacts. Vmail is as user friendly as can be, meaning anyone can use Vmail intuitively. By incorporating text, pictures, maps and voice into the conversation thread, it is the one place you need to go to.

What makes Vmail different?

While smartphones are powerful mobile communication devices, their small screen size is a major drawback when attempting to send emails or text messages. Typing messages using the on-screen keyboard is time-consuming and error-prone. Voice messaging is much faster and more personalized than sending text based emails or SMS.

Voice messages convey more emotion than text, making them great for invitations or messages to loved ones. Vmail lets you communicate complex instructions quickly, and convey subtle nuances like how important something is or how someone might react – without stopping to type.

Vmail is the quick and inexpensive way to send a voice message to anyone. Other voice messaging apps are restricted to only sending messages to contacts who have the same app downloaded on their device. Vmail has the clear advantage that the recipient gets the message without the need to have the app installed. This novel feature widens the reach and accessibility of mobile communication all around the world. In fact, Vmail has a patent pending on this unique feature.